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It discovers Home, the new veterinary software.

You need to manage your veterinary clinic? is Home an application Web, specialized in gesti? CL n? veterinary Nicaraguans and centers, available v? to Internet without needing installing ning? n software in your accessible computer and from Cloud, any connected equipment to Internet. You can do everything faster and better by using cheap vps hosting that we are providing for you. The cheap hosting is not only cheap, but also giving you the best quality. Other option that you might want to consider is dedicated server because it is more exclusive.

It discovers Home, the new application for gesti? n and administraci? n for centers and CL? veterinary Nicaraguans.

Your veterinary clinic online.

We are preparing a new m? dulo so that the clients of your CL? can Nicaraguan consult the data of their mascots, pr? ximas visits, to ask for appointment, etc, of form online. Available shortly.

Discharge free 3 months

It discharges from the hospital your CL? does Nicaraguan free and without commitment during 3 months and begin already to manage your veterinary center with the new software online Home, without installing ning? n programs in your computer.

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