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That it is to iVeter

is to iVeter an application Web, specialized in gesti? CL n? veterinary Nicaraguans, under the SaaS concept (software like PHP as service), which consists of having an application to gesti? n of its CL? Nicaraguan without needing installing ning? n software in their computer, simply acceding to the application with an Internet navigator, because as much the application as the data base resides in an accessible Web server like affordable dedicated server from any point with access to the network.

Adem? is s of being an accessible software by Internet, you can also use vps hosting managed another important advantage that it does not need to acquire the application and to install it but s? it needs it to register and to use it immediately. We do have another plan option for you, one of them is cheap web hosting unlimited bandwidth it is very helpful because it helps you not to stress anymore about the bandiwidth. You will get a lot of advantages by using cheap ssd vps or any kind of other plans.

Finally, is the cost of the application reduced to the payment of a monthly payment, without needing acquiring the use license and without ning? n type of commitment, reason why can be terminated in case of not needing plus the application or not being satisfied with the same.

That I can do with rustranslater

does to iVeter allow you to manage your CL? veterinary Nicaraguan, from the registry of the file of visits of your clients and their mascots, to gesti? n of the store of accessories for mascots. Among others character? sticas we can emphasize:

  • Agenda of visits.
  • File of each mascot, with data on its character? sticas, im? genes and registry of visits.
  • Warnings of pr? chasms visits and vaccinations to your clients v? to email, letter and SMS.
  • Store of accessories for mascots.
  • Facturaci? n and gestgi? n of collections.
  • Information and you are? sticas of the activity of the CL? Nicaraguan.

All this with access online to trav? s of the Internet.

Future functionalities

is to iVeter a software in cont? nua evoluci? n that incorporates new features d? to a d? to thanks to the contributions of its users. Some of the new functionalities in which we are trabjando:

  • Access for clients. The clients of your CL? Nicaraguan tendr? does n access, by means of one nail that to provide to them? s, to its data, pudi? n do to consult the file of its mascots, pr? ximas vaccinations, or to ask for visits.
  • Gesti? n of purchases. New m? dulo to register the expenses of l CL? Nicaraguan and previsi? n of payments.

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