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Porqu? a software of gesti? CL n? veterinary Nicaraguan?

To manage the CL? Nicaraguan of form manual or to trav? s of applications ofim? ticas as leaves of c? text can lculo or documents initially seem one soluci? n v? does lida for one sin? to CL? veterinary Nicaraguan, but in the long run to be? an excessively expensive process from the point of view of the time, since we will spend too much time in locating informaci? n that we need, unnecessarily extending the time spent in each consultation.

Thanks to a software espec? ficamente occurred? I accept for the CL? veterinary Nicaraguans, we will be able to centralize all the informaci? n of our clients and their mascots so that we can accede at any time of simple form and r? it requests to all the informaci? n on the same.

Adem? s of recopilaci? n and access to all the informaci? n CL? does Nicaraguan, veterinary software allow us to go all more? of the consultation of the historial CL? nico, facturaci? n or collections of the CL? Nicaraguan, and to analyze this informaci? n to obtain conclusions and reports that can be? tiles to make decisions on gesti? n of our veterinary center. Thanks to software it is possible to know that products of the store of mascots have aceptaci better? n of our clients, to know cu? is l evoluci? n in n? mere of visits of our CL? Nicaraguan or to evaluate the volume of purchases to the suppliers of the CL? Nicaraguan.

Another advantage at the time of computerizing the veterinary center with a software espec? is fico that this type of programs allows to improve relaci? n with our clients, envi? ndole notifications of reminder (v? to email, SMS or letter) for pr? ximas visits to realise, to send supplies to the clients who consume more, etc.

Porqu? Home?

In the market exist great does amount of applications to facilitate gesti? n of the CL? veterinary Nicaraguan, existing from gratuitous applications with character? sticas b? sicas necessary, until expensive and complicated applications for veterinary centers. Isn't to choose between all of them simple, since we must value aspects as the facility of instalaci? n, ease of use, quality and cost of the support offered by the manufacturer, without forgetting evoluci? n of the product in the future, not to have left we with an obsolete application.

Our supply Home tries to give the best answer to all the previous aspects:

When being an application Web, it doesn't need instalaci? n of software in the CL? Nicaraguan, then? nicamente needed is one conexi? n to Internet. Podr? to accede ace? to the application from so many computers as it needs, without complicated facilities, simply entering rustranslater.net with his user and contrase? to, from the CL? Nicaraguan, from its house or any point with access to Internet, even from its tel? phono m? vile.

Adem? S.A. to commercialize itself as suscripci? isn't n (monthly rent), necessary the purchase of application disbursing one inversi? important initial n. Does this suppose adem? s the advantage to stay always updated with? ltima versi? n of rustranslater, assuring to always have updated the software of in our veterinary center, because the updates of the application are autom? ticas.

With also rustranslater to reduce? the risks of losing its data, since, when being a lodged software in Internet, its data est? n out of danger in a safe servant, even before any aver? to its equipment, hard disks or virus inform? ticos.

Is another important advantage of rustranslater that it is an application in cont? nua evoluci? n, reason why we are with much predisposici? n to develop new functionalities that the veterinarians can solicit, improving cont? nuamente our veterinary software.

As far as the support to the users, we considered that first priority is ours. Unlike other options, do our income depend on his satisfacci? n with rustranslater, because when being one suscripci? can n, in case of not being satisfied with our support, cancel suscripci? n at any time, without losing a great amount of money, as podr? to happen acquiring an expensive traditional application.

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